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We all are experiencing the effects of COVID-19. I hope that you are staying safe and vigilant in these trying times. Thank you to all of the essential employees that still have to go out every day to tend to the rest of us. Until further notice, Craveables Catering LLC will be closed in efforts to stop the spread of the pandemic. If you have a pending event booked with us, please let us know if you plan to reschedule or cancel your event. 


Craveables Catering LLC would like to thank you for your support over the years. Craveables has grown significantly over the past year alone, and I am so grateful for people like you who help to keep the business alive. If you would like to help keep Craveables Catering LLC up and running, I am accepting donations in exchange for a dinner (menu will be posted in April) after the quarantine is lifted and we are free and clear to resume business as normal. Craveables Catering LLC is a new, small minority business that could not survive without your support. You may donate via:


Cashapp: $Craveables or 240-486-7755

Paypal: craveablescatering@gmail.com or 240-486-7755

Donations will be used for: Keeping the Website Accessible, Business Office Lease Payments, Business Insurance, Advertising, Internet Access Payments, Quickbooks Payments, etc.

$15 - $100 Donation - 1 Dinner

$101 - $250 Donation - 5 Meal Prep Meals or 2 Dinners

$251 - $500 Donation- 10 Meal Prep Meals, 4 Dinners, or Private Chef Dinner for 2

$501 Donation or more - 15 Meal Prep Meals, 6 Dinners, Private Chef Dinner for 4, or Sip & Burn Party for 6


In the meantime, feel free to visit www.craveablescatering.com to see what is new! Also, follow Craveables on IG and FB @CraveablesCatering for current updates and awesome food pics.


We are still providing quotes for events occurring May 15, 2020 and after. You may contact us via:


Email: craveablescatering@gmail.com

Phone/Text: 240-486-7755

Direct Message IG or FB: @craveablescatering



Website: www.craveablescatering.com